LEANNE WATT, Ph.D., clinical psychologist
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In my practice, I specialize in the treatment of individuals, couples & families. (Adults & adolescents, marriage counseling in Pasadena, couples counseling in Pasadena and family counseling in Pasadena.)   Over the years, I’ve developed a subspecialty of treating complex cases-- high functioning individuals and couples who have been successful in many areas of life, but who are still feeling incomplete.  Many of these patients are struggling with deeply entrenched interpersonal & behavioral patterns and have “given up” on finding a psychologist that can effectively assist them with their particular needs.

INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT FOR ADULTS & ADOLESCENTS: The patients that I serve often struggle with self-critical and self-shaming thoughts, and a tendency towards beating themselves up for perceived or real weaknesses. This pattern of thinking is especially common in intelligent, high-functioning individuals who are seeking “perfection” more

COUPLES IN PASADENA / MARRIAGE COUNSELING IN PASADENA: Do you and your partner keep having the same fight over and over?  Do you feel as though your partner is unable to hear your serious concerns about important matters?  Do you each try to make the case that the other is the “bad guy”, while disowning the significance of the role you play in your arguments?  Do you more

FAMILY COUNSELING IN PASADENA & PARENTING THERAPY: Sometimes parents are looking for help in “breaking the chain”—they know they need to parent differently than the way that they were parented, but they’re having a hard time managing the more

PHONE TREATMENT: Phone therapy is one of the ways that I work with patients. A recent study at Northwestern University found that patients who are engaged in phone therapy actually stay in treatment longer than those who are in face-to-face treatment. more

TESTING, ASSESSMENTS & EVALUATIONS: In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I also provide psychological testing and assessment services on an outpatient basis.  Evaluations consist of neuropsychological testing, cognitive and intellectual testing, personality assessment, and psychological functioning. 



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