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The following is a list of issues I have successfully treated in my clinical practice: (Please see Approach and Services pages for a more in-depth discussion of the items listed below.)

DEPRESSION      For those suffering with major depression or chronic, low grade depression
GENERALIZED ANXIETY & SOCIAL ANXIETY      If you are anxious all the time or especially anxious in social situations
COUPLES      High-maintenance couples who frequently argue, are easily wounded & who feel misunderstood
PARENTS      You need help setting firm limits with kindness or you're ashamed of the way you engage and react to your kids
ADOLESCENTS      Your parents have no idea who you really are and you don’t feel safe opening up to them
COMPULSIVE “BUSY-NESS”      People who are constantly in motion, finding it difficult to slow down and just “be” 
SUPER-ACHIEVERS      You can do almost anything, but you’re unfulfilled, unsupported and lonely
CREATIVE SLUMPS      For successful artists and those trying to break in—  help figuring out where and why you’re stuck
PROFESSIONAL STRUGGLES      Work is taking over and you can’t find balance or you’re unmotivated & inefficient at work
INTERNET COMPULSIVITY      You’re compulsively on-line or texting & you’re avoiding work, school and life 
CHANGING CAREERS      Trying to figure out if you are in the right field, even though you may be good at your job
SUBSTANCE ABUSE & ADDICTION RECOVERY      You’re in recovery, but still compulsive, depressed and self-hating
OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER      Getting to the root anxiety that fuels your OCD, when meds are not enough
FERTILITY ISSUES      You’re stressed over difficulties getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy
CHRONIC ILLNESSES      Real illnesses can be brought on by excessive stress and unexpressed emotions 
EATING DISORDERS      Over-eaters & Bulimics who would like to get to the real root of their food issues
SPIRITUAL ISSUES      You’re seeking a spiritual connection & looking for meaning in life
RELIGIOUS SUFFERING      You need help leaving a religious tradition that feels oppressive and damaging 
GRIEF WORK      You have lost a loved one and need assistance in the grieving process & managing your sadness
PET LOSS      You are suffering and feeling alone, after the death of a beloved pet
SEXUAL IDENTITY ISSUES      You are trying to figure out who you are and need to make peace with your identity
INSOMNIA      Difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep
STRESS MANAGEMENT      Helping you to slow down, so you can find more conscious & efficient coping strategies
PERSONALITY DISORDERS      Individuals with a pattern of behavioral and interpersonal difficulties
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