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PHONE TREATMENT: Phone therapy (aka phone counseling) is one of the ways that I work with patients. A recent study at Northwestern University found that patients who are engaged in phone therapy actually stay in treatment longer than those who are in face-to-face treatment. http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2008/09/mohrphone.html

While it is ideal and preferred to be able to sit down with patients in my office, the truth is that there are many patients that cannot come into my office because of structural or emotional barriers.  Structurally-speaking, there are many patients who would like to come in for a face-to-face appointment, but are simply unable to do so because of work or home obligations:  They may not have the flexibility to leave their office or kids, may travel a lot for their job, may have relocated or simply live outside of the area, or may be too physically ill to leave their homes.  On the emotional side, there are patients that are uncomfortable making direct, face-to-face contact.  They avoid relationships and are in a lot of pain, but only feel safe discussing these feelings over the phone.  There are other patients who are afraid to leave their home, suffering with agoraphobia or a social phobia.  Phone therapy can be ideal for patients with these conditions. 

Please call my office at 626.666.0223 to make arrangements for a phone therapy session. 

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